Four Reasons Why You Should Raise Ducks

A number of folks who raised poultry are now turning to managing ducks. The big reason for this being that duck meat and their eggs are increasing in demand. Consumers like eating duck meat and eggs reason being they taste much better then chicken. Its now estimated that the United States raises plus minus nineteen million ducks each year.

Ducklings need some proteins to grow well. When they are about three weeks old they must be given starter feeds with 22 percent of proteins. Once they are around 5 weeks you can then decrease the number of protein intake. It is very important that you follow this procedure in order for your ducks to grow healthy and strong.

Other individuals prefer managing ducks for fresh meat because they cost less then those of eggs. They estimate that ducks that produce eggs consume 75% more laying feed when compared to egg chickens. Duck eggs are usually hatched inorder to be sold later. Here are 4 advantages of raising ducks.

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