Various Reasons Why You Should Raise Yaks

Reasons To Raise Yaks
Yaks Infographic courtesy of: Raising Yaks.

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If you are searching for the perfect domestic animal for small acreage, grass based grazing systems, rotational, high density, then you seriously have to raise yaks. They only need about half the forage of cattle.

Not like other domestic animals yaks don’t need any specific feed, they can survive really well by eating natural green plants such as grass and leaves. Saving the farmer a lot in purchasing feed.

Yak meat is best described as beef-taste like but it is a lot better tasting, it is red and tenda with not a lot of fat. The market price of the meat is much higher than beef and the demand is there with a few farmers supplying.

Although yaks ain’t usually raised for milk production, it’s milk is very healthy. Yak butter tea is known to be a real ideal treat with Tibetans, they mostly consume it with barkley for breakfast. It’s cheese is increasing on demand around the world.

Managing yaks for wool or fiber is of value and very rewarding since it is in demand. The fiber is very fine than that of cashmere and angora goats. This quality fiber is used for the production of expensive garments.

Yaks long guard hair is used for the production of different items such as belts, ropes and leads. With the tail hair

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Practical Points Why You Should Raise Water Buffaloes

Reasons To Raise Water Buffaloes
Water Buffalo Infographic courtesy of: Raising Water Buffalo.

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Water buffalo are often used for plowing and other forms of farm labor and as a source of meat, leather and fresh milk, natural milk. They are found around Asia and in places like Italy, Turkey, Australia and Egypt to name a few.

These animals are mostly located in places where there’s lots of rain or water because they get dehydrated quiet easily and require water and mud to dip into. The water buffalo population in the globe is about 172 million, with 96 % of them in the Asian region.

These animals are called carabao in the Philippines and are known to be the national livestock in that area. In India their fresh milk, natural milk is a major source of protein. In Southeast Asia they are used to plow rice production farms.

One Thai farmer said, “they’re the core of the nation and have been very important to our way of living.” Described as the “living tractor of the East,” they have been introduced to Africa, Europe, the Americas, Japan, Australia, and Hawaii. 74 breeds of domestic water buffalo are known.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Raise Alpacas

Reasons To Raise Alpacas
Alpaca Infographic courtesy of: Raising Alpacas.

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Across the United States and around the planet folks call alpacas “The world’s finest livestock business”. Alpacas share many of the same attributes of property, gold, oil plus stocks – all of which are supposed to increase in value as time goes on. In spite of the world economic down turn alpacas are still in demand. The wool they produce has unique qualities and is used by designers in the cloth making stores of New York, Tokyo, France and Italy to produce unique garments.

Taking up alpaca breeding is relatively not complicated. They are simple to move around, have a relatively long plus not complicated reproductive life, and these animals can be fully insured against any loss. Raising alpacas offers a good opportunity to build a profitable business. Along with the rewards, alpaca raising is treated as any other livestock venture by the IRS including tax advantages and incentives that you may qualify for.

Basically, livestock breeding and ownership characterized someone of wealth and status in many cultures not forgetting our very own early Western Expansion days. Today in United States, wealth as a result of domestic animals ownership is not as common, but opportunities are there to setup a productive farm breeding and managing alpacas. Tending to a graceful herd of alpacas can be an exciting way to make some money and live a rewarding life.

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