Various Reasons Why You Should Raise Yaks

Reasons To Raise Yaks
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If you are searching for the perfect domestic animal for small acreage, grass based grazing systems, rotational, high density, then you seriously have to raise yaks. They only need about half the forage of cattle.

Not like other domestic animals yaks don’t need any specific feed, they can survive really well by eating natural green plants such as grass and leaves. Saving the farmer a lot in purchasing feed.

Yak meat is best described as beef-taste like but it is a lot better tasting, it is red and tenda with not a lot of fat. The market price of the meat is much higher than beef and the demand is there with a few farmers supplying.

Although yaks ain’t usually raised for milk production, it’s milk is very healthy. Yak butter tea is known to be a real ideal treat with Tibetans, they mostly consume it with barkley for breakfast. It’s cheese is increasing on demand around the world.

Managing yaks for wool or fiber is of value and very rewarding since it is in demand. The fiber is very fine than that of cashmere and angora goats. This quality fiber is used for the production of expensive garments.

Yaks long guard hair is used for the production of different items such as belts, ropes and leads. With the tail hair

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