Six Reasons Why You Should Raise Turkeys

Reasons To Raise Geese
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Turkeys are sure the must manage poultry when getting into domestic animal farming. Just like chickens turkeys don’t require that much land plus their shelter is simple and cheap to setup.

Not like chickens turkeys are known to be calm poultry that will not mess up your backyard by scratching the ground and tear up your garden. Besides the digging of the plants they simply tear at them.

They are very hardy birds as a result maybe very resistant to diseases and insect pests that may infect them with illness. All that is required of you is to provide them with nutritious feed, fresh water and shelter.

A number of domestic animal farmers keep turkeys for the supply of tender meat. Their juicy meat is in great demand in local and international markets. They are not fast producers of meat but produce it in numbers.

Turkeys can also be managed for their delicious eggs. These birds eggs are a more firmer plus have a stronger flavour than chicken eggs, not forgetting the fact that they are larger.

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