Practical Points Why You Should Raise Water Buffaloes

Reasons To Raise Water Buffaloes
Water Buffalo Infographic courtesy of: Raising Water Buffalo.

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Water buffalo are often used for plowing and other forms of farm labor and as a source of meat, leather and fresh milk, natural milk. They are found around Asia and in places like Italy, Turkey, Australia and Egypt to name a few.

These animals are mostly located in places where there’s lots of rain or water because they get dehydrated quiet easily and require water and mud to dip into. The water buffalo population in the globe is about 172 million, with 96 % of them in the Asian region.

These animals are called carabao in the Philippines and are known to be the national livestock in that area. In India their fresh milk, natural milk is a major source of protein. In Southeast Asia they are used to plow rice production farms.

One Thai farmer said, “they’re the core of the nation and have been very important to our way of living.” Described as the “living tractor of the East,” they have been introduced to Africa, Europe, the Americas, Japan, Australia, and Hawaii. 74 breeds of domestic water buffalo are known.

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